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Health & Wellness Consultation

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Health & Wellness Consultation

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Melissa Welch
Magic in a bottle!!

Jude and Mike have truly changed my world with this protocol! One meeting with Jude provided more in depth answers to my health history than years of medical providers ever bothered to do! He took the time to listen to my history and my concerns and made sure that he and I were on the same page regarding my goals and needs! I have seen a significant difference in my mental focus and for the first time in what fees like years I am sleeping soundly and restfully! I have already been able to get off of 2 prescription medications and I am excited to continue to work with these guys to get off my last medication. The fact that both Jude and Mike continue to check in on me and see how things are going and answer any questions I may have is truly comforting and provides the perfect extra touch that is typically missing from general health care. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their health seriously and make some positive changes! Thanks Jude and Mike!

Megan E.

I can’t speak highly enough of Jude! He & Mike have made a profound impact on my overall health and energy levels. From the start, he has taken the time to thoroughly understand my needs and has crafted a personalized regimen that has truly worked wonders. Jude & Mike consistently check in to ensure everything is on track and makes thoughtful adjustments when necessary. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in my health journey. I highly recommend Jude to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate person that isn’t for big pharmaceutical companies! He believes in working WITH your body to find the true root of the problem instead of adding all these extra chemicals into your body that either mask the problem or create more problems down the road.

Astrid Soto
A Heartfelt Recommendation

As an investor and consumer in the wellness space, I’ve seen it all. Yet, Jude and his team at SoReal truly stand out. Jude’s genuine empathy and deep care for his patients are remarkable. He combines this compassion with an extensive background, allowing him to develop and facilitate effective healing solutions.

Meeting Jude has been life-changing for me. He is addressing long-standing issues in my body, bringing me a sense of connection and wellness I hadn’t felt before. I am profoundly grateful for the gift of feeling at home in my own skin again.

I wholeheartedly recommend speaking to Jude and following his protocol. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found him, and I’m confident he can help others as he’s helped me.

Eny Neves
Love it

Getting better after 2 weeks I received my protocol.. changed all Cabinets supplements for Soreal . Thank Jude Desiderio for share his knowledge, no word . Health is everything for me .

Jeff Moran
What a difference a few days makes!!

I struggled with Crohn’s disease for 45 years. I’ve been prescribed every pharmaceutical&biological product that has made its way to market along with the numerous supplements.

The protocol I was
given was very easy to follow and within days my condition has improved immensely. I cannot remember when I last felt this good! Today I’m off all pharmaceuticals, & taking only the supplements prescribed in the protocol. It’s been a real game changer.

My $300 per month concierge doctor can take days to get back to me when I’ve had a question. He has never once called me to see how I am doing.

With the folks at SoReal my questions were answered the same day. My only regret is not trying the protocol sooner. I would personally recommend the folks at SoReal to anybody struggling with Crohn’s or IBS.

I can’t possibly thank Jude enough for the advice & support I’ve received.

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